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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Janitor Fun

The janitor at our new office building thinks we're 'cool like that'.  My manager said Janitor (that's how I'll refer to him) showed interest in me the first week.  He told him I had a man, but Janitor said he was going 'for it' anyway.  Since then, I have been 'beautiful', 'my good friend' and today he called, from the elevator bank in the hallway mind you, 'hey good-lookin'.  Enough is enough, 'MJ works fine', I told him.  He put his hand up like 'okay no offense.'  Then apologized by saying, ' I'm sorry, how you doing MJ?'  Why do I have to check this grown man?  Some men think that's a compliment, and yes, to some degree it is.  But in the workplace, don't be too familiar with me.  Especially considering, we just moved in 3 weeks ago.  It means more if you respect me enough to refer to me by my name and treat me in a professional, cordial manner.  Then you can get more comfortable if a work rapport is formed.  Plus, does he really think he has a chance?  I told my manager what happened, he said I should have 'pulled the brotha to the side and told him'.  I should not have hollered it in the hallway.  Whatever.  Men and their egos, never cease to amaze me.  We will see if my trash is emptied tomorrow morning.

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