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Sunday, January 13, 2013

New Year, New Resolve

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!  *confetti thrown*

I know it's a bit late, but hey- it's still the beginning of the year!  I typically do not make New Year's resolutions. Although every year I vow to stop cursing for good (and subsequently fail), I like to keep my year rather easy-breezy. But this year, what I have decided is to stop giving needless advice. In conjunction with that, I have also decided to learn how to tune whiners and complainers out. My new motto is, "either do something about it, or shut the fuck up!" The not cursing is a work in progress. This goes for both men and women, friend, family and outsiders alike. But especially women. I get so tired of talk- it's cheap. 

Here's an example: I know someone who would greatly benefit from a life-altering, essentially life-saving surgery. The kicker is, the doctors won't perform the procedure unless this person, we'll call "D", drops about 30lbs. Understanding how hard this could be, those same doctors have provided D with a special diet. If D sticks to this diet, they are confident the weight can be lost- and fast. Now I know diets aren't easy, but D essentially says that it's too hard to do right now. D is dumb. D is no longer my friend- D's choosing, not mine. But I feel stronger and less stressed with D not in my regular rotation of friends. Here is where my "resolution" comes in play, I said nothing to D when I was told this foolishness. Now that we are not "cool" anymore, I can completely ignore and disregard D. Because inevitably, from what I know, D will surely be complaining about the problem that could be eradicated with a couple of months of discipline. I mean it is your life right? You wouldn't give up on your life if you could do something about it, would you? Twenty-twelve MJ would have tried to convince D to make an effort. Twenty-thirteen MJ, could give a fuck. There's that pesky "F" word again!

My advice has ceased, or at least I am trying to stop.  What brought me to this point?  A friend of mine was frustrated about their current circumstance.  She was going on and on.  When I added my two cents, she shut me down.  I mean she literally, cut me off while I was talking.  I guess I wasn't talking fast enough.  That wouldn't be the first time I was told that.  But what was funny was, we were arguing the same point.  I was essentially agreeing with her.  She was so caught up on her moment of woe, that her instinct was to go on the defense.  It was at that very moment, instead of arguing.  I shut the eff up!  I'm taking baby steps with this cursing.  Whether you are caught in an endless cycle of an emotional roller coaster with a lover (former or present), friend or family member.  If your issue is financial; you want to spend less to have and save more.  Or it's your health.  Whatever the issue, in 2013, let's stop talking about it and just do the damn thing!  "Damn" is good, right?  Regardless of if you can actually make your resolution become your reality, I have decided to stick with mine.  Let the mindless head nodding and un-huhs begin.

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  1. Hahahahahahaha! That cursing thing is tough for me too. We should start a curse jar and vow to put .25 into it every time we curse. Problem is, I would probably go broke cause every time I have to put .25 in I would probably say "damn-it". LOL

    OH - and next time, feel free to tell me to "shut the F up". We are cool enough for that.

    Love the blog!