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Friday, November 9, 2012

To Antoine

As I type this blog at 3:44pm on a Friday afternoon, all I can think about is how much I want a cocktail- a really good cocktail.  A really good dirty martini, just the way I like it:  extra dirty, large olives, with ice cold vodka.  I want it served up by a friendly, knowledgeable barkeep who knows the importance of letting a girl drink in silence.  I want this drink served up, no later than 5:30pm today.  My intention is to feel that giggly warmth within before 7pm.  So that by 8 o'clock tonight, I already feel as though my weekend has started on the right foot.  But what made me type this post, had less to do with my desire for that drink, and more about my need for the company I wanted to share that drink with.  Antoine.  Sometimes, on a Friday like today, when my workplace is quiet and time is moving extremely slow, I get a strong desire to have afterwork cocktails with Antoine- my best friend.  The realization of how impossible this is, makes me (as I did today) come close to tears.  I feel so sad.  To have a friend, your best friend, so far away is depressing.  There are just some events that are best with a "bestie".  I love cocktails with anyone, don't get me wrong, but there is something celestial about afterwork cocktails with a good friend.  As much as I would like to throw out a message on Facebook or via text to see who would be game, I know it's no use.  I will only be disappointed at the "subpar" replacement.  Today, I want my best friend.  He will be home for Thanksgiving, but it's never enough.  There are days when you just need your friend.

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