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Friday, January 27, 2012

The Grudge-holder

A 'friend' snapped on me last week.  he immediately apologized, but I was too threw.  He has done this before and because of my daily struggle with patience, I had let more slide than usual.  Plus, he is someone I encounter frequently, so diplomacy was needed.  But this last time?  No can do.  He has been trying his best to be friendly and stay out of my way simultaneously.  I have kept an even cool.  I am not mad, but I cannot go any further with him as a friend.

I used to be a major grudge-holder.  I mean if you slighted me in the slightest, I would never let you live it down.  Now, I still never forget (ever) but I have learned the benefits of the quiet protest.  Instead of openly glaring at you and outright protesting anything involving you.  I will be cordial, kind even.  But I will not in any uncertain terms ever fuck with you again!  What that means to me now is, letting you back in.  "Where is 'in'?", you ask.  My life, my heart, my head.  You are so insignificant to me, you no longer anger me.  Real talk.  So when I see him trying his best to be unaffected, but yearning for this 'good-good' (conversation that is, ya'll know I'm not having sex) I think, 'poor thing'.  He had a chance.  I mean, I am more lenient now than ever.  But you  river-danced on that last nerve and it is no longer there for you.

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