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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Done. And Done!

I recently started online dating.  Don't worry, I have given myself a three month max time limit which is fast approaching.  A young man expressed a bit of interest (he wasn't serious) and decided he would send me a quick questionnaire asking me generic (I'm sure he thought they were thought-provoking) questions like:  "what are you cooking for dinner" and "what do you plan to accomplish this year."  The dinner was kale, sauteed.  The question about my goals, which came across a bit snarky, like "what are your plans?  Do you think beyond right now?"  This actually made me think deeper, in between my chuckling at this little boy (he was late 20s or had just hit 30).  What were my goals for this year?  I answered him in an exact, concise manner, where he (a fellow gemini) should have been able to read my own snark-iness.  "I have hit all of my goals for this year."  Yep!  MJ has met all of her major goals and started on some smaller monthly ones.  Lose 20lbs- I lost 23.  Sucessfully complete my gym's bikini fitness challenge-done!  Finally visit Paris-traveled there and to Amsterdam in March.  Get a new job- I just finished my 4th week, yesterday.

I had to pat myself on the back- I DID that!  I found it funny, in June, when this exchange happened, that someone would ask the question about my goals for the year.  At that point the year is almost over!  If you've got a few 'to-do' items on your annual list, get them done.  Now is the time.  What are you waiting for? Tackle your goals hard and fast, but be sure you enjoy the journey.  Take time to give yourself more milder goals to discover along the way or do like I have done-keep it light and easy breezy.  There isn't anything I am feeling pressured to do for the remainder of the year.  So I can slow down and enjoy these next four months-creating new goals for 2015.

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  1. Great post! Thanks for reminding of the last minute task that I need to tackle before years end.