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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Rainy Days

Rainy days and Mondays always get me down.  Isn't that how The Carpenters' song goes?  Today is Thursday, actually.  But it is raining and has been off and on since yesterday morning.  It is gloomy outside, no doubt.  Judging by my mood and the fact that I am actually giddy and have a slight case of the giggles, you would think it is sunny outside.  Nothing particularly special occurs today.  I have an interview for the blog this evening, but beyond that, everything is pretty normal.  I do like Thursdays and have for a long time.  Growing up, Thursday was the night I got to stay up late to watch The Cosby Show and A Different World.  My parents usually kept me on a very tight, 7pm bedtime schedule all the way past Junior High.  It seems harsher than it was.  I did not have to actually go to sleep, just withdraw from the rest of the house.  My bedroom became my sanctuary.  It was there that I fell in love with music and books- the two things I could indulge in, since T.V. was not an option. 

Maybe my mood is a result of Thursdays bringing me closer to my favorite time of the week, Fridays and the weekend.  Either way, I feel nice today, despite the grey scene just outside of my window.  Which further confirms, I set my own moods. I determine how much of a funk I want to be in and for how long.  When I wake up feeling good, there is not much that can stop me from feeling that way.  My mood is kind of secure at that point.  Now if I could just bottle up this feeling and keep it always- that would be wonderful.  How are you feeling today?

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