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Monday, April 8, 2013

Always On Time

Today, a photographer came to our office to take pictures of my co-worker for an upcoming article about him that is being published.  While my co-worker was being interviewed, the photographer asked me if I could help him test the lighting set-up by letting him take some test shots.  "Sure", I said.  After a couple of clicks he was satisfied, saying, "here, you might as well take a look."  I did and they were good.  I joked, "I could use those for my LinkedIn profile picture.  He basically responded, "well since you're here.  Step back."  Then started clicking away, taking about five more pictures.  He gave me his card and told me to drop him a line to remind him to send me the photos.

Now see, that's what I'm talking about!  I have been messing around and not updating or utilizing my LinkedIn account.  One of my setbacks was I wanted a respectable and professional picture.  Not too serious, but more "buttoned up" than my Facebook picture.  I just never got around to taking one.  None of the previous pictures I had seemed to work- bikini pictures, pictures of cocktails, pictures of me out at parties- all no no's.  The picture he took today was perfect.  I had on work clothes.  The lighting was right.  The picture was taken with a professional camera, by a professional.  What else did I need?

I like how I can think about something and put it out in the "atmosphere" and it will just come to me.  I call it, ghetto blessings or speaking to the universe.  The kind of blessings that are always right on time and seem to speak directly to you.  The $10 bill I find in an old coat pocket.  The lady at the Baskin Robbins who did not charge me for my hot fudge.  Or having my LinkedIn profile picture taken by a professional photographer for free.

I love little quirky blessings.  The small ones that sometimes seem just as impactful as the larger, more grandiose blessings.  What's the last ghetto blessing you can remember?

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