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Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Today, a woman came to the office where I work and asked for the code to the women's restroom.  I hesistantly gave it to her.  She looked a little shady.  Not from her attire or overall appearance, just because she looked a bit nervous and out of place.  Plus, we lock the restrooms for a reason.  I was hoping she was visiting the organization across the hall and that I did not just let a total stranger in the bathroom.  My co-worker, who was standing at my desk at the time, confirmed my suspicions when she told me the woman was carrying the chest plate of a "monkey suit".  Now I am really nervous.  What if this is one of those radical protestors who is offended by corporate America?  Or maybe, it's someone who plans on locking themselves in the ladies room for the remainder of the day?  Possibly she has come to kill us.  Don't ask me why these thoughts came to mind.  I am of the post 9/11 generation.  There have been plenty I have seen that I never would have imagined prior.  My brain will takes it's own journey to crazy land whenever it so chooses. 

Having said that, I called the building's security- which is not very secure.  My co-worker also called when she left my desk.  Now we have a real situation developing.  So the head of security comes up to our floor and asks someone from the neighboring office to check out and clear the ladies room.  Sidebar:  see what I mean about a not so secure building?  If you feel there might be danger lurking in the bathroom, why would you send an unsuspecting person to clear the door for you?  Anyhoo, the woman turned out to be a singing telegram.  One of the girls across the hall is celebrating a birthday today.  How was I supposed to know?  It was actually the person who opened the bathroom door for security. Again, my bad!  When the woman, now fully clad in a gorilla suit came to the door, she was a bit irritated.  "Why didn't ya just ask?  I would have given you a card."  Which she did.  So, if you're looking for a singing telegram, and who isn't these days?  Visit their website:  Ashley and Blake Magic.  They also have a "Tons of Fun" striptease and celebrity impersonators.  False alarm!

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