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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Summer Madness

Stevie Wonder once sang about a love lost in summer.  In his emotional, "I Never Dreamed You'd Leave in Summer", he speaks to someone who has left him cold and alone during a time that was meant for love and warmth.  This song always makes me cry.  Only Stevie can leave you drained of emotion with his voice that rings of real heartache and pain.  I thought of this song today as I quietly mourn the loss of the summer season itself.  I am a Chicagoan.  I have lived here most of my life.  I understand that after summer, comes autumn and after autumn, comes winter.  Although I like a season change to keep things fresh, I get so down during the winter months.  When the temperature cools, so do my lighthearted, 'I can conquer the world' feelings.  I feel less inclined to get out and be active.  I tend to get the blues more frequently and I feel stifled by the fashion options. 

I love the summer and this weekend marked the unofficial close of the 2012 season.  I am bummed, truly.  My overwhelming thought this weekend?  What exactly did I do this summer?  When I stop and survey the season, I have to admit that I had a pretty good time, but I, as always, feel as though I could have done more.  Why can't the summer season be just a little bit longer, say, a month or two?  Oh, yeah, I remember.  It is because I live in a unforgiving cold climate region that does not allow for outdoor activities past the month of August. 

The summer has it's downsides, like how the crime rate skyrockets in the warmer weather.  Even the thugs are too cold to act a fool in winter.  I do look forward to that part of winter.  But I still like to take my chances and enjoy the sweltering heat, the hot sun and the music that tends to be everywhere (or maybe just in my head).  I want a longer summer!  Yes, I know I attended 2 Cubs games, traveled to Las Vegas and L.A., attended countless parties, sipped cocktails in a many juke joints, hung out after hours with nothing more than shorts and a tank top, lost track of time as daylight lingered well passed 7pm all while letting my toes breathe- but I want more!!

What do I think is leaving with summer?  That footloose and fancy free feeling when the sunlight kisses me awake despite myself.  The invincible, head-lifted walk that comes with summer.  The random fun that seems to spring up more often during the months of June, July and August.  Yes, I am sad and I have the blues.  As usual, I guess I will have to create my own summer.  Or just endure until next year.

In the words of Stevie, ...

No, I never dreamed you'd leave in summer
But now I find my love has gone away
Why didn't you stay?

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  1. OMG...I was just trying to figure out what I did this summer! Summer always comes and goes so quickly. Good thing it's always summer somewhere!