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Sunday, May 8, 2011

An Ode to My Mama

Today is Mother's Day and my mom is in Tampa where she has retired, but although we have not seen each other since last March, I feel just as close to her.  This post is to the woman who can love, shame, encourage, annoy and make me laugh all at the same time!  To the person who holds the distinguished honor of posting the most comments on my blog, thank you.  To the woman who after many pleas to keep her comments objective so people don't realize she is my most faithful reader, totally disregards me.  To the woman who deleted my well crafted iPod music list and replaced it all with sacred music, on accident, thank you.  To the woman who has shared a little more than I care to know about her sex life, past and present, you are the best.  To the woman who never took my side as a child, and refused to give me money when I mismanaged mine, to teach me a tough love message.  To the mother who passed on her love of eclectic style and good music.  To this day I cannot clean my house without blasting music and using heavy bleach products.  To the mom who considers me prissy and the ultimate wearer of 'bootylicious' pants.  All while telling me my size is fine and I look good.  To the woman who gets indignant when she finds out some jerk mistreated me, "I didn't raise you like that" or "you ain't nobody's booty-call!".  To the woman who signs e-mails, Momma, Mom or Shirley.  I love you and thank you for my sense of everything.  When I look in the mirror, I see you.  My mannerisms mimic yours more and more as I grow older.  I thank you again and again and again.  I can't think of a better traveling buddy, or a more worthy person of absolute un-adulterated love and compassion.  Thank you for you.  I am glad God chose you as my vessel to this world.  I would not want it any other way.

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  1. Oh! I'm going to cry. Thank you, Maya the Bee. I told GOD over and over I would not be able to raise a child so don't give me any. And HE ignored me and gave me a easy one. I love you back. Momma