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Monday, October 7, 2013

5 Things I Realized About Myself and Working Out

I recently started working out...again.  After a two week break which was preceded by a three week break, I decided to get back into shape and take my exercising seriously.  I pay for an unlimited weekend membership package, I should at least use it, right?  I must admit, when I have been going to class, I opted for the less challenging Saturday morning Zumba.  It made me feel like I was doing something, but not so much where I was hurting afterwards.  So this past weekend, I worked out both Friday night and Saturday morning, for a total of 3 classes and 2 1/2 hours.  I was was sore.  I was proud.  And I recognized that there are little quirks, habits and rituals that I have when it comes to exercising.  Things that I do, or think.  Here are 5 of the most prevalent:

1.  Derogatory music makes for a better and easier workout  
If the music is wack, I lose my stamina.  In one of the classes I took last week, the instructor played more techno type of 90s-style workout music.  I was not feeling it.  Which made my movements seem heavier and more labored.  I like when the instructor plays the top 40- hip hop and rap.  Yep, if the lyrics are commanding me to shake, move or work "that ass" I seem to comply easier.  I think that genre of music is perfect for intense workout and training.  I mean what better place to objectify women then in the gym?  That's where we ourselves are targeting (sometimes aggressively) certain areas of our bodies that we deem unsatisfactory.  Whether it's Lil Jon shouting, "work that body, move those hips!" or Juvenile rapping on "Slow Motion", I seem to respond better.

2.  I don't need much of a reason to flake out on working out
All I need is a reason, no matter how small, to go home and chill out instead of taking my butt to the gym.  Last week I bailed on my girls, because I knew I had put off working out for two weeks in a row, meaning the next two weeks would be even easier to neglect.  Which would inevitably put me back where I started.  I hate starting over with exercising.  I want the weeks to get easier, not harder.  Each week you miss, it's like going back to square one.  I wanted to join them for a girls night out at that swanky champaign lounge, but I knew getting this body in shape was more important.  Would I have loved to spend about $15 per cocktail and drink my calories, as opposed to burning them?  Why yes.  In the end, however, I think I made the right choice.  They ended up rescheduling and I doubt if they let me off the hook again this week.  Hopefully my girls will understand.

3.  I like the "big girl section" of the room
Ok, "big girl section" is harsh.  How about the section where the women "modify" their movements?  That's better.  I can be an asshole.  Better yet, a competitive asshole.  I hate being in class with people who do too much.  You know the ones who cannot just do the movement, they have to add the extra hop, like, they really need and want to feel the burn.  Once I was in class with this chick who should have been a female stunt double for Billy Blanks.  She could not just squat and punch like the rest of us.  She instead needed to be the closest to the mirror, punching double-time like an audition for "Fists of Fury" was taking place.  Did I mention she wore her sunglasses?  I didn't?  Okay, well she did.  She was doing thee most.  My big girls on the other hand, are great for a confidence booster.  You see, the only thing that really separates me from them, is the size.  Where they are bigger and out of shape, I am smaller and struggling just as much.  So when they stop to take a breath, so do I.  Or if I decide to go on when they have taken a pause, I think to myself, "I feel you girls, I feel you."

4.  I hate planks.
That's it.  I just hate them.

5.  I have been too hard on myself 
I have been feeling a little juicy lately.  When I walk past a mirror, I haven't been as happy as usual.  I am not sure what that is about, because I have not dramatically gained any weight and have been able to maintain my overall physique.  But my mind and the accompanying thoughts have not been so nice.  So when I looked across the room to the mirror while I sweated and huffed, it occurred to me:  I look damn good!  I mean, I am not nearly as "fat" as I have been feeling.  When I told my parents this on Saturday, they both chimed in at the same time, "no, not at all.  You look good."  I don't know if the working out makes you feel like you are at least doing something which in turn makes you feel better about yourself.  Or is it that when I am dissatisfied and not working out, I am more annoyed with my overall laziness in fixing something that would not take much to manage if I just put a bit of effort into it.

What are some of your workout habits or goals?

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